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About the Founder

Born in England, our Founder, Adam Jones, moved to Florida with his wife, Beth, in 1994. By 1997, he was well-established in real estate as well as the appraisal field. After purchasing numerous properties in South Florida, Mr. Jones and his wife expanded their horizons and bought investment properties in Thomas County, Georgia. They now consider both Thomasville and Port St. Lucie, Florida, their home, having many friends and business associates in both places.

Mr. Jones currently serves the Southeast Florida market with his team at ACJ Financial, Inc. Within the next few years, Mr. Jones hopes to move our company into the private sector, all while continuing to provide services at competitive rates. To date, 90% of ACJ Financial, Inc.'s customers are banks and financial institutions. Mr. Jones is proficient in many areas of real estate and is highly experienced in performing appraisals. He holds the following licenses:

• Four Real Estate Licenses • A Certified Residential Appraiser License
• Real Estate Appraisal Instructor License • Licensed REALTOR®

Competent Real Estate Instructor

When not appraising, Mr. Jones spends his spare time as an Appraisal and Real Estate Instructor for the Institute of Florida Real Estate Careers, Inc. (IFREC) Real Estate Schools in Orlando, Florida. He is also an Appraisers Qualifications Board (ABQ)-Certified Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) Instructor, teaching USPAP to certified, licensed, and trainee appraisers nationwide.